One week to go! Will you unleash the science of learning?

It's getting real! Just one week to go before my book, Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning, is released. Holy cow.

I am inspired by all the support and encouragement I've received. From the deepest part of my heart (and my brain), I thank you.

To borrow some words I received from a friend yesterday, "I am striving to do the same for you." I support and encourage you to put research into practice. But only you can unleash the science of learning in your classroom. Are you up for the challenge?

P.S. Powerful Teaching is currently 35% on Amazon. That could all change next week on June 5. We have no control over Amazon-robots, but that sure would be fun.


Featuring Scientists & Collaborators From Around the World


Do you recognize these faces? Each of these scientists and collaborators are featured in Powerful Teaching. Explore and harness their research, their teaching, their stories, and their insights.

Noted scientists, including Dan Willingham and Henry L. Roediger, III, and renowned educators, including Jennifer Gonzalez and Doug Lemov, generously share their expertise in our new book. There are many more scientists and educators we feature in Powerful Teaching, too. Simply put, Powerful Teaching would not exist without their wealth of knowledge and dedication to learning about learning. We cannot thank them enough.

Did you notice the last three "faces?" That's you! Get involved and reach out. How are you unleashing the science of learning?


Make Professional Development Powerful


In Powerful Teaching, there's an entire chapter empowering you to develop and lead professional development in your school and organization.

Based on a survey by Education Weekteachers are hungry for more evidence-based strategies. And who better to create powerful, research-based, teacher-led professional development for your team, school, and beyond? You!

We present research and strategies to unleash the science of learning. It’s up to you to pass the torch. Empower teachers and make teaching powerful.