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We just sent our loyal subscribers the second release of excerpts from our book Powerful Teaching! This week's subscriber-only excerpt is from a chapter we call Keeping it Real, and we also included the full Table of Contents.

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Exclusive Excerpt: Keeping it Real


We’re educators. And we know what it’s like to throw the baby out with the bathwater. That’s why, in Chapter 7 of Powerful Teaching, we’re keeping it real.

We address nine challenges when implementing Power Tools, including retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving, and feedback-driven metacognition. Concerned about prep time, class time, grading time, and where to start?

We've got you covered! By keeping it real with small tweaks to what you're already doing, we make powerful teaching even easier for you.

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What’s new about Powerful Teaching?


If you've been a long-time subscriber (thank you!), you may be wondering what's new about Powerful Teaching.

The majority of the book is brand new. From a rare scientist-teacher perspective, explore new strategies, new classroom examples, new insights from educators around the world.

We talk about researchBrain DumpsRetrieve-Taking, and Metacognition Sheets. But you'll also learn new strategies you can unleash in your classroom with sample lesson plans, conversation starters, and practical tips.

Another big difference: We've intentionally embedded retrieval, spacing, interleaving, and feedback in Powerful Teaching. No chapter summaries and no rehashing. We practice what we preach, we model these strategies in each chapter, and we boost your learning, too!

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