Are you facilitating professional development? Start here!

We've seen lots of activity on Twitter and social media about teachers facilitating professional development on the science of learning. Fantastic!

Our mission is to empower you to teach with the science of learning. Students are learners and teachers are learners, too. 

Who says the science of learning is only for students? Take advantage of our resources and make your professional development memorable.

#1: Share Our Guides


We have four free Practice Guides: Retrieval Practice, Interleaving, Transfer of Knowledge, and Spacing. When you include our translations, our Practice Guides have been downloaded by more than 100,000 educators.

Download them, print them, and share them during professional development. Here's what Derrick Smith, an Associate Principal at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, IL had to say:

"The Transfer of Knowledge Guide has been a game changer. It's an awesome resource for framing our conversations and linking instruction to the science of learning. The Transfer Guide offers strategies for infusing these ideas into practice and it will undoubtedly inform our future workshops and collective work."

Frame your conversations with our brief, research-based Practice Guides.

#2: Model Research-Based Strategies


Have you been implementing our research-based strategies in your classroom? Model them and use them in your professional development, too!

Not only will this move your professional development beyond sit-and-get; your colleagues will learn and retain more, too. Win-win.

Our strategies like Brain DumpsTwo Things, and Retrieve-Taking work well for students and teachers. For example:

  • Start by asking colleagues to put their notes away! You can pause throughout your presentation to give them the opportunity to engage in Retrieve-Taking to boost their learning. 

  • Midway through your professional development, pause for a 2-5 minute Brain Dump of everything colleagues have learned so far.

  • At the end of your presentation or workshop, ask everyone to write down Two Things they want to remember – and go beyond one-and-done.

#3: Read Our Recommended Books


Do you love learning from books – and books about learning? We do!

Check out our list of more than 10 recommended books and e-books. Each one has been vetted to make sure the research presented is true to the science of learning.

Use these books to start book clubs, lead a professional learning community, and connect with educators via Twitter and Facebook. Don't forget to retrieve after each chapter, too!

Last summer (2018), we lead book clubs around the world on Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. This upcoming summer (2019), stay tuned for book clubs featuring Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning! Written by a cognitive scientist-teacher combo, Powerful Teaching includes two entire chapters dedicated to professional development.


Devour our recommended books! We promise you'll learn – a lot.

#4: Contact Us For More!


Would you like to connect with cognitive scientists and teacher-leaders? Don't be shy – email us! We love building collaborations with educators and scientists. Let's brainstorm opportunities for webinars, in-person professional development, and more. Get in touch via Twitter and Facebook, too.

Let's unleash the science of learning with more teachers, in more classrooms, for more students, worldwide. There's a lot to do – let's do it together.