Like podcasts? You'll love these.

We're highlighting 3 podcasts this week: the Cult of PedagogyTeaching in Higher Ed, and the Learning Scientists.

  • Cult of Pedagogy, hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, has valuable tips for K-12 educators

  • Teaching in Higher Ed, hosted by Bonni Stachowiak, provides excellent resources for those in higher education (obviously)

  • The Learning Scientists have a new podcast, which provides "bite sized research" episodes for parents, teachers, and students

Jennifer, Bonni, and the Learning Scientists have been long-time collaborators with us. They are experts in the application of all things retrieval practice and additional strategies based on cognitive science, inside and outside the classroom. Read about (and listen to!) their podcasts and specific episodes below. We have more podcast, website, and resource recommendations here, too.

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Podcast: Cult of Pedagogy

In this K-12 podcast by Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez shares all things teaching, learning, classroom management, ed tech, and more. In interviews with expert educators and cognitive scientists, her podcast is insightful and practical. Here are some of her many episodes related to the science of learning, including interviews with leaders in the field of cognitive science.

Episode 21: Interview with Peter C. Brown, Author of Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Episode 58: Six Powerful Learning Strategies You Must Share with Students with the Learning Scientists

Episode 79: Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You're Not Using with Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D.

Jennifer has so many resources, here's a helpful synopsis for how to get started with her podcast, blog, videos, and more.


Podcast: Teaching in Higher Ed

For higher education faculty, staff, and administration, Teaching in Higher Ed is a must-listen-to podcast. Bonni Stachowiak emphasizes quick instructional strategies and powerful ed tech tools, as well as discussion on everything from student motivation to academic integrity. Her show notes and email synopses come in handy for those who like to browse the highlights. Here are a few of her episodes with cognitive scientists and faculty collaborators.

Episode 72: How to Use Cognitive Psychology to Enhance Learning with Robert A. Bjork, Ph.D.

Episode 92: Interview with James M. Lang, Ph.D., Author of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

Episode 94: Retrieval Practice with Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D.

For Bonni's awesome blog posts and ed tech tools to facilitate retrieval practice in the classroom, here's a roundup.


Podcast: Learning Scientists

In a new podcast from the Learning Scientists, cognitive scientists Yana Weinstein, Ph.D., and Megan A. Sumeracki, Ph.D. introduce specific research-based learning strategies (retrieval practice, spaced practice, and elaborative interrogation thus far) and provide "bite-sized" episodes on a specific research paper from the field.

In 15 minutes or less, learn about these powerful strategies for learning and the research behind them. The 7 episodes so far (more coming soon!) are listed here and below are three highlights:

Episode 2: Retrieval Practice

Episode 4: Spaced Practice

Episode 5: Bite-Size Research on Spaced Retrieval

For updates on their blog, videos, and downloadable materials – including excellent study tips for students – follow the Learning Scientists on Twitter.