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Join in the fun, as we highlight an essential conference for cognitive scientists taking place this week: Psychonomics, an annual meeting organized by the Psychonomic Society.

Typically focused on basic research, there's more and more cutting-edge research related to education at Psychonomics these days. Below, watch a teaser video by the keynote speaker, Randy Engle, and learn more about the scientists presenting new research. 

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Psychonomics! A Mecca for Cognitive Scientists

This week, experts in the field of cognitive science will be gathering at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society – a conference known informally as "Psychonomics." Psychonomics has a long history of being the preeminent source for cutting-edge laboratory research on cognition: How we think, remember, make decisions, and perceive the world around us. 

Continuing the tradition in basic research on human cognition, there has also been a recent increase in research related to education and retrieval practice. Here are some of the educationally-relevant talks and posters to be presented this week in Vancouver, Canada:

  • Retrieval Practice Enhances Learning Regardless of Material Complexity (Bedwell & Karpicke)
  • Does Retrieval Practice Enhance Transfer of Learning? A Comprehensive Meta-Analytic Review (Pan & Rickard)
  • Implementing Test-Enhanced Learning in Medical Education: Evidence From a Meta-Analysis (Wang, Raley, Lee, & Butler)
  • The Optimal Learning Strategy Depends on Learning Goals and Processes (Yeo & Fazio)
  • Self-Explanation Enhances the Effect of Retrieval Practice (by McCarthy, Hinze, & McNamara)

There are so many educationally-relevant presentations, we couldn't list them all! To learn more about Psychonomics, the researchers, and their research, check out:

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a 1-minute teaser from this year's keynote speaker, Randall "Randy" Engle, on working memory and intelligence. 


Harnessing Metacognition to Improve Student Learning

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Here's one of our favorites by John Dunlosky, cognitive scientist at Kent State University, presenting his research on enhancing metacognition and student learning at the 2016 McMaster Symposium on Education & Cognition. Save the date and join us for this conference in July 2018, organized by cognitive scientist Joe Kim. Hope to see you there!