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This week, take 4 seconds to download 4 free PDFs on the science of learning, written by cognitive scientists. They're more exciting than mashed potatoes; we promise.

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Retrieval Practice Guide

If you haven't already, download our updated Retrieval Practice Guide. Get a quick overview of what retrieval practice is, why it improves learning, FAQs, and tips for incorporating retrieval in your classroom.

Written by cognitive scientists Pooja K. AgarwalHenry L. Roediger, IIIMark A. McDaniel, and Kathleen B. McDermott


Strengthening the Student Toolbox

In Strengthening the Student Toolbox, cognitive scientist John Dunlosky condenses 100+ years of research on learning strategies, including retrieval practice, for educators and students. This article is based on a recent, in-depth 55-page review of the literature – a huge undertaking by five experts in the science of learning.

Written by cognitive scientist John Dunlosky, featured in the American Educator


Applying Science of Learning in Education

Applying Science of Learning in Education is a comprehensive e-book by 50+ cognitive scientists, presenting core principles, theories, research findings, and classroom applications based on the science of learning. Topics include retrieval practice, spaced practice, metacognition, and so much more.

Edited by cognitive scientists Victor A. BenassiCatherine E. Overson, and Christopher M. Hakala, in collaboration with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology


Organizing Instruction & Study to Improve Student Learning

In this oldie-but-goodie (we can't believe it's been 10 years!), Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning, learn about seven research-based strategies and how to apply them in your classroom. Recommendations from cognitive scientists and a K-12 teacher are accompanied by "levels of evidence," which have continued to be investigated by the experts described above. The Institute of Education Sciences has a helpful cheat sheet of recommendations, too.

Written by cognitive scientist Hal Pashler, K-12 teacher Patrice M. Bain, and cognitive scientists Brian A. BottgeArthur GraesserKenneth R. KoedingerMark A. McDaniel, and Janet Metcalfe, in collaboration with the Institute of Education Sciences