Quick! What's the first thing you would say about retrieval practice?

Let's keep this short and sweet.

Amy, a high school chemistry teacher recently asked us, "What would be the very first thing you would share with a teacher about retrieval practice?"

It's tough to choose, but we're up for the challenge (or "desirable difficulty," if you will). Check out a new article published this week and learn more below.

What's the first thing you would share with a teacher? Join in and see what others share in this week's "retrieval practice about retrieval practice!"


What's the very first thing you would say?

For teachers, here's what we share in a minute or less about retrieval practice:

And when it comes to students, the first thing we share are Retrieval Warm Ups. These quick, fun questions engage students in class discussion and start a conversation about how retrieval is something we do every day. Try one of these with a teacher to start a conversation about retrieval practice, too!

What's the first thing you would share with a teacher about retrieval practice? Even if what you say is short and sweet, you make these strategies powerful.


You’re Already Harnessing the Science of Learning
(You Just Don’t Know It)

In this new article published in EdSurge, a leading news source for all things educational technology, learn more about:

  • How educators and tech tools harness the science of learning

  • How to unleash research-based strategies more frequently

  • Why we must extend the conversation from engagement to learning

With a quick overview of four research-based principles and two powerful instructional strategies, Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. emphasizes that retrieval does more than engage students – retrieval transforms learning, too.