Download our Retrieval Warm Ups and make retrieval no big deal

Retrieval practice doesn't have to be a big deal.

Retrieval practice, or simply pulling information "out" rather than cramming it "in," is a powerful strategy for learning. But sometimes it intimidates students. This week, download our Retrieval Warm Ups and make retrieval no big deal. 

Retrieval Warm Ups are a perfect way to show students that we retrieve all the time, without even thinking about it. Quick: What's your least favorite ice cream flavor? Boom – that's retrieval! To flip retrieval practice from a negative feeling to a positive strategy, sometimes all it takes is a little warming up!

Download Our No-Stakes Retrieval Warm Ups

Download our new Retrieval Warm Ups: Quick, engaging questions about everyday life – with a fun twist. They work really well as no-stakes entry tickets, optional questions on quizzes, writing prompts, and ice breakers. We have 15 questions; perfect for a 15-week semester. (Also, mint chocolate chip is gross. What's your least favorite ice cream flavor? Share with us on Twitter!)

Retrieval Warm Ups are flexible, too! They work for all ages, ranging from elementary school to medical school. And after students respond, you can facilitate a class discussion, think-pair-share, quick vote, or simply move on. 

But Retrieval Warm Ups are more than just fun – they're a great way to start a conversation about how retrieval practice is no big deal. We do it everyday! Even thinking about your favorite (or least favorite) ice cream flavor is retrieving, thinking back, and pulling information out. Enjoy!


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