Join us for our summer book club with Make it Stick!

It's summer (or so close we can taste it)! 

When summer rolls around, it means only one thing: summer book clubs! And what's a better way to continue learning about learning than reading the book, Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning?

This week:

  1. Download our free Make it Stick resources for book clubs

  2. Join the conversation about Make it Stick on Facebook and FlipGrid

P.S. Thinking about your book club for summer 2019? We've got you covered!


Jump Into Make it Stick with Our Book Club Resources

We're passionate about empowering educators with the science of learning. That's why we're thrilled to take excellent research (particularly Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning) and make it even more accessible.

Visit our website to download:

  • Book club discussion questions (Google Slides and PDF)

  • Sketchnotes for each chapter

  • Additional research articles and readings

Download, share, and spread the word! We just want this research into the hands of educators. The more we can support teacher-led PD, the better.

Want to know more about Make it Stick? Check out our previous updates for research and visit our YouTube channel for interviews with the authors.


Join the Conversation with Teachers on Facebook and FlipGrid

With our communities on Facebook and FlipGrid, you don't even need a local book club – join us online! Our Facebook group dedicated to Make it Stick is a great place to join, swap strategies, and thoughts. Our FlipGrid has specific topics, one per chapter, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Never heard of FlipGrid? We're in love with it (and they didn't pay us to say that)! It's a fun relaxed way to engage in retrieval practice. Students (and teachers) post short selfie videos (2 minutes or less). That's it! No account needed, completely free, you just jump on and watch, add, or respond to a video. You'll be surprised how much fun it is to retrieve.

Note: Our FlipGrid community requires a password. The website is and the password is "makeitstick!" (without the quotes). If it asks, the Flip code is makeitstick. Let us know if you hit any snags.

Thanks to many on Twitter who got us hooked on FlipGrid, especially Matt Miller, and a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our FlipGrid this spring! More than 200 videos and more than 3,000 views. Wow!