Download our Transfer of Learning Practice Guide!

Big news! We are thrilled to share our new downloadable guide, Retrieval Practice and Transfer of Learning: Fostering Students' Application of Knowledge.

Why? One of our most frequently asked questions is, "Does retrieval practice only improve basic memory?" Our answer, based on years of cognitive science research: "No!" Retrieval practice isn't just for memorization or basic fact learning. It's a powerful tool for complex and flexible learning, too.

Visit our library and download our new guide, written with scientist Steven C. Pan. Below, learn more about Steven and how his expertise is shaping our understanding of transfer in the lab and in the classroom.

Transfer is a critical component of learning. Let's use what we know about retrieval practice – as teachers and as scientists – and let's put it to work. 


NEW GUIDE: Transfer of Learning & Application of Knowledge

In our new guide on fostering students' transfer and application of knowledge, we wanted to highlight why retrieval practice improves learning beyond basic memory and how to foster transfer in your classroom:

  • What is transfer and what does it look like?

  • What is near vs. far transfer?

  • How can I use retrieval practice to enhance transfer?

  • Why is feedback critical for transfer?

  • Why is transfer often difficult to foster?

As teachers, we also know that students need to be able to do something with what they've learned. As we ask at the beginning of the guide, "How can we help students successfully apply what they have learned from one lesson to another, from one class to another, or from school to the real world?"

Based on rigorous scientific research (including research by the lead author of our new guide, Steven C. Pan), a few simple teaching strategies using retrieval practice can make a big difference for students' transfer of learning.

Download our new guide and take your students' learning to the next level.


Lead Author: Steven C. Pan, M.A.

University of California, San Diego

Steven C. Pan, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, San Diego, has dedicated years to research on the transfer of learning and retrieval practice. In collaboration with Timothy Rickard, Steven just published an extensive meta-analysis of the research literature on transfer of learning. Arguably the most comprehensive review and meta-analysis of transfer to date, Steven is quickly becoming one of the go-to-experts in our field. 

If you've seen our email updates on interleaving, you've already heard of Steven. Check out his excellent article in the Scientific American on interleaving, as well as his article about the benefits of sleep for learning.

Steven completed his undergraduate studies at California State University, Los Angeles. His research is supported by the National Science Foundation, the American Psychological Association, and the National Institute of Mental Health. His research involves using the tools of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to enhance human learning, memory, and performance.