Quiz Yourself! Do you know these evidence-based strategies?

You've learned about evidence-based strategies. Now retrieve them!

It's one thing to learn about the science of learning and strategies that incorporate retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving. But it's quite another thing to put it to use!

This week, retrieve what you know about evidence-based teaching strategies. Contribute your strategies and we might feature you in an upcoming update!

P.S. Are you new to our strategies? Retrieve anyway! Retrieval practice – even with errors – improves learning. You'll receive feedback during our quiz, boosting your learning even more.

How many evidence-based strategies do you know?


In our brief weekly updates, we aim to provide digestible research and practical classroom strategies from the science of learning. By now, we've shared quite a few activities: Brain Dumps, Two Things, Retrieve-Taking, and more.

Retrieve what you know about these strategies and add your own! We'll feature a few educators and their strategies in an upcoming update. If we feature yours, you'll be invited to a private webinar on the science of learning. We enjoy sharing our strategies and we'd love to hear about yours!