Here's how to transform faculty meetings into faculty learning

Want to boost your own learning and memory?

We can barely remember where we parked our car, let alone what we did last weekend. Here are two quick ways you can boost your own learning – even during faculty meetings!

Learning takes place every minute of every day. Don't let it slip you by.


Turn Faculty Meetings Into Faculty Learning


"Faculty and staff meetings are so much fun!" Said no one ever.

How often do your meetings start by reviewing what you talked about last time? Turn faculty and staff meetings into an opportunity for retrieval practice and spacing!

Here's a better way to start a faculty meeting:

That's it! Here's why you should switch from reviewing to retrieving:

  • Your faculty and staff will improve their memory from previous meetings, reducing the amount of time you have to re-hash what was discussed

  • You provide the opportunity for faculty to experience retrieval practice firsthand, passing the torch so they can try it in their classrooms

  • You foster a culture of learning throughout your department and school, beyond the classroom

Are you reading a book right now? Want to remember a recent vacation? Take a moment and jot down Two Things at the back of the book after each chapter or Brain Dump into a Word document you can store with your photos.

Want to unleash the science of learning in your classroom? Start by unleashing it in everyday life!


Powerful Teaching Round Up


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