Download sketchnotes from the book Make it Stick!

Waiting for the summer to enjoy a few books?

Following our email update from last week about cognitive scientists Henry L. Roediger, III and Jeffrey D. Karpicke, we're excited to announce free downloadable sketchnotes along with chapter summaries and recommended readings based on Professor Roediger's book, Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Why are we excited about sketchnotes? They're quick, fun, and you don't have to wait until the summer to dive in to Make it Stick. Download, share, and spread the word about powerful teaching strategies based on cognitive science!

Sketchnotes from Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

We are thrilled to announce not one – but two! – sets of sketchnotes from Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, a book written by cognitive scientists about key research findings on how we learn.

These beautiful sketchnotes, created by Krystyna Gadd and Mary Kemper, are free to download and share with colleagues, parents, and students. (Haven't heard about sketchnotes before? Here's a great blog post by our collaborator Matt Miller from Ditch That Textbook.)

Can't read Make it Stick right now? We understand, but add it to your summer reading list! Until then, spend 5 minutes on our webpage dedicated to Make it Stick, learning about teaching strategies based on cognitive science.

  • Read our brief summaries of each chapter
  • Download the captivating sketchnotes
  • Browse our recommended research articles

Join us in thanking Krystyna Gadd and Mary Kemper for their dedication to making cognitive science accessible and practical for teachers worldwide!

Krystyna Gadd is the Founder of How to Accelerate Learning, which aims to improve learning using a train-the-trainer model via workshops and coaching. Follow Krystyna on Twitter at @KrystynaGadd.

Mary Kemper serves as the K-12 Director of Mathematics in Coppell ISD in Coppell, Texas. Mary is an Apple Distinguished Educator and President of the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics. Follow Mary on Twitter @MrsKemper.


Make it Stick Book Review & Video Reflections

We love Make it Stick: The Science of Successful LearningBut don't take our word for it! 

Learn more about Make it Stick from our collaborator Jennifer Gonzalez, Editor in Chief at the Cult of Pedagogy, who has an amazing blog, podcast, collection of classroom materials, and more.

Start by reading Jennifer's reflections on the book, listening to her interview with author Peter Brown, and watching her insightful video reflections. Jennifer also has info about research on retrieval practicea variety of learning strategies featured in the book, and even how to create memory palaces.