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Overdue Notice: Visit Our Library

We've updated our library with our top 10 recommended readings about cognitive science and retrieval practice, including research and recommendations. Here's a non-Dewey decimal system rundown:

  1. Our Retrieval Practice Guide, for your reading pleasure. (Oh hush. We can be self-referential.)

  2. Our Interleaving Practice Guide. (Ibid.)

  3. The book Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.

  4. Research by Mark McDaniel and colleagues on retrieval practice and transfer of knowledge in K-12 classrooms.

  5. A research summary by John Dunlosky, "Strengthening the Student Toolbox," published in the American Educator.

  6. Research by Andrew Butler and colleagues on applying retrieval, spacing, and feedback strategies in college STEM courses.

  7. The book Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning.

  8. Research by Jeff Karpicke and Janell Blunt on the effectiveness of retrieval practice compared to concept mapping strategies.

  9. Research by Doug Larsen and colleagues on the benefits of retrieval practice with standardized patients in medical education.

  10. A research summary and report, The Science of Learning, by Deans for Impact.

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