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Let's take it to the next level with templates you can download, adapt, and create for your own classroom! This week, check out Retrieval Grids, a flexible tool for low-stakes retrieval, spacing, interleaving, and feedback.

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Adapt Retrieval Grids for
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Tons of Retrieval Practice Challenge Grids, or simply "Retrieval Grids," have been floating around Twitter recently (follow us @RetrieveLearn!). Retrieval Grids are simply a table with prompts for retrieval practice – that's it! Like a checkerboard, students jump around and answer questions at their own pace.

Retrieval Grids include spacing: Students are challenged to retrieve the concept or answer to a question. Each box is color coded for the time when students first learned or encoded the concept: concepts from the last lesson are in blue, last week in red, two weeks ago in green, etc. Space it out!

Retrieval Grids include interleaving: Many grids include similar concepts (e.g., names for different historical figures) that require students to discriminate.

Retrieval Grids are perfect opportunities for feedback: After completing a grid, students can check their work individually, think-pair-share, and/or receive elaborative feedback from the teacher.

Retrieval Grids are low- or no-stakes: In some grids, students get a few points for how far back they can retrieve concepts, while in other grids, there are no points at all. Retrieval Grids are a great way to emphasize that retrieval practice is a learning strategy, not an assessment strategy.

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 Kate Jones, a teacher and writer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), created a number of Retrieval Challenge Grids and put together an amazing resource with tons of examples and downloadable templates.

We recently participated in a Twitter chat (#TeachUAEChat) hosted by Kate. We were thrilled to swap more strategies for retrieval practice and learn about her upcoming book. Be sure to follow her @87History and download grid templates for your classroom!