Flash Forward follow up: Two more strategies!

Did you read about our end-of-semester activity from last week, Flash Forward? This week, we have two strategies to take Flash Forward to the next level – by readers like you!

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What is something you've learned this year that you want to remember 10 years from now? Take this opportunity to Flash Forward for yourself!

Take Flash Forward to the Next Level


Last week, we talked about an activity we love, called Flash Forward. Simply ask your students this question: 

 "Now that you've taken this class, what is one thing you want to remember 10 years from now (and why)?"

Flash Forward sparks retrieval, spacing, and metacognition – in 5 minutes or less. But what should you do next? Here are two fantastic recommendations from our readers:

Janell Blunt, a cognitive scientist and professor at Anderson University in Indiana, used Flash Forward with her college students last week:

  1. Students think about or write down their Flash Forward

  2. Students line up facing another student

  3. Students share their Flash Forwards with their partner across from them

  4. Students switch to a new partner (you can have one of the lines move down a spot and pair the two students on the end)

  5. Students engage in class discussion of themes and reactions

After an activity like Janell's, another reader suggested taking Flash Forward to the next level by asking students:

"How will you remember that one thing? What will you do to make sure you don't forget?"

Don't be surprised if your students say they'll use retrieval practice!

Have you tried Flash Forward in your classroom? What did your students say? Do you have a tip to share? Let us know and comment below!