Download Our Retrieval Practice Guide!

We're excited to bring two new resources to the community: A new and improved Retrieval Practice Guide and a new YouTube channel. Also, read below about collaborations with cognitive scientists and educators, who are gaining momentum and transforming learning around the world.

We hope you'll share the new guide and this email with colleagues. Please share your insights, knowledge, and strategies with us, too! Don't hesitate to get in touch via TwitterFacebook, and email – we look forward to continuing the conversation.

NEW Retrieval Practice Guide

As you may have noticed, our free retrieval practice guide is "new and improved." It's similar to our previous one, but much more user friendly. We hope you'll find it easier to read, share, and apply cognitive science research in your classroom. More guides about additional cognitive science strategies are coming soon, too! Download the new guide and let us know what you think.


NEW YouTube Channel

We've been working hard behind the scenes and are proud to announce our new YouTube channel! Our playlists include presentations and interviewswith cognitive scientists, teaching recommendations from collaborators, and videos specific for K-12, higher education, and medical education. Subscribe, like, and check out our new video below. Grab your popcorn and learn more about retrieval practice!


Scientist & Educator Collaborations

Applications of evidence-based strategies from the laboratory to real life are gaining momentum. Cognitive scientists and educators from around the world are joining forces to translate and apply rigorous research in classroom practices. As part of, we identify experts in the field and share their knowledge with one goal in mind: Transforming student learning. In dedicating their lives to this crucial work, these expert scientists and educators are truly transforming learning together. Take a minute, check out their resources, and continue to share this knowledge with each other.