The Learning Scientists. (Cognitive scientists disseminate learning research and retrieval practice tips via social media, a podcast, and a blog. Click here for their blog posts specific to retrieval practice.)

The Cult of Pedagogy, by Jennifer Gonzalez. (This podcast and website provide teaching strategies and resources for K-12. Episodes 21, 58, and 79 include information about retrieval practice.)

Teaching in Higher Ed, by Bonni Stachowiak. (This podcast and website provide research-based teaching strategies for higher education. Episodes 7292, and 94 include information about retrieval practice.)

The Research Map, by Digital Promise. (With this interactive tool, explore research on retrieval practice and 150 additional topics in education research. Access research summaries and articles from nearly 100,000 journal in education and the learning sciences.)

McMaster Symposium on Education & Cognition, organized by Joseph Kim. (This conference brings together cognitive scientists and educators to discuss evidence-based interventions for improving learning.)

Lasting Learning, by cognitive scientists and technology designers. (This website provides information about the science of learning, including resources, training, and services for students, teachers, and parents.)


Do you have a recommendation for a website, podcast, or additional resource about retrieval practice? Please let us know!